Tom 1980Upon leaving school i joined Coventry City FC as an apprentice professional footballer. As an apprentice you are encouraged to attend evening classes to learn a second trade. It was here i encountered my first love for photography. In those days it was film and darkrooms not digital like today.

Many years passed, marriage and children came along before i finally fulfilled my photographic dream. Not only did i fulfill my photographic dream i also arrived in beautiful Perth thirteen years ago fulfilling another dream and started Total Sports Photography.

Tom 2013During those ten years i have captured images from grassroots to top international sportsman. It is equally and sometimes more rewarding capturing youngsters hitting a run or scoring a goal. Some of the young men i photographed at PSA Sports go onto start professional sporting careers.

My own sports career was documented through local papers and scrap booked by my loving parents, however there were no action photos to remember those special moments with my own family. I am sure they look at their dad and don’t realise that i was a good sportsman in my younger years.

Having played many sports and now photographing them i believe i have a keen eye to capture that special action shot that eluded me growing up and get great pleasure knowing the young sportsmen themselves will be able to share their special sporting moments with their own children one day.

Should you want a special image for the sports room or for the proud grandparents simply point out your child and let Total Sports Photography
“Capture the Action” Whatever your sport enjoy the season.

Tom  – Total Sports Photography