Cambodia 01I have thought long and hard how i should do my first ever blog on my new website. 48 years old, new website, whats a blog?(google research)

My first thought was to talk about myself and my business, to endeavour to gain exposure and increase my customer base.

Then i started thinking, always dangerous with a nice bottle of red.

I have lived a reasonably comfortable life and been fortunate to have visited many countries. I have however recently returned from a trip to Cambodia.

Cambodia 02Cambodia without doubt is the most impoverished country i have visited. It is also however a place full of smiles, hope and opportunism.

I have no doubt there are many countries that are far worse but can only comment on what i have seen.

I have encountered many wonderful people and organisations that are making a huge difference to so many and not mearly for profit or exposure.

With this in mind i would like to do my small bit to “make a difference”.

Cambodia 3Throughout the year i will be selling images and 50% of the proceeds will go to good causes. It will be split equally between children’s cancer research here in Australia and a number of children’s charities in Cambodia.

Please take a quick look a the images from Cambodia and realise how very lucky we all are.

Lastly thank you for taking the time to read this blog.
“capture the action” “make a difference”

Tom – Total Sports Photography

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